Continual improvement of both our employee and customer satisfaction is the core goal of our corporate mission statement.
The numerous and diversified events held throughout our operational year serve to strengthen the partnership and good energy, i.e. our compelling core values.

Employee satisfaction context -

We hold many traditional events throughout the year such as: end of summer party to thank our hardworking technicians, international women's day event to honor our women, project manager event to enrich and share knowledge with our engineering team members, professional development and fun day to boost our entire staff experience, toast to celebrate our holidays combined with festive meals, experiential guest lectures, anniversary celebrations and much more.         

Customer's experience context -

We hold regular customer conventions and get-togethers combined with experiential and professional lectures in our regional branches. We take an active part in our business community to share professional knowhow by giving frequent lectures and presentations at the Israeli Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers organization as well as other conventions and trade fairs.