Ventilation and air conditioning systems with an output of 128 tons of refrigeration


The new Olympic swimming pool project in Wingate Institute was planned to be used as a facility for various competitions at international standards.

The facility passed successfully it's first use near the time of the project's completion at the 19th Maccabiah competition and later on at the European Short Course Swimming Championship.

More Information

  • The project entails supply, installation and activation of air conditioning, ventilation, and smoke ventilation and evacuation systems.
  • The energy center includes: water chiller, circulator pumps and direct expansion system.
  • The energy center is located externally of the swimming pool. The energy center has an underground infrastructure that reaches the basement, and from there to the local and public end units. There is also an underground infrastructure available for a future energy addition.
  • The swimming pool ventilation system entails 18 blowers on the roof and 4 blowers in the basement. The ventilation system is activated for a fixed period of time every hour.
  • Smoke ventilation system for smoke evacuation using shutters and chimneys.
  • In the eastern front the chimneys were designed to integrate with the architectural design.
  • The public air handling units (AHU) were designed to comply with the swimming pool style and environment. Local AHU with an enlarged heating capacity were installed in the swimmers locker rooms.
  • Local intake systems were installed in the locker rooms and the bathrooms.
  • The air conditioning system entails distribution electrical panels and a control system operated by the local staff.
  • The system passed successfully the SII 1001 standard test.

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